Welcome to Official unofficial Speaking Competition!

Are you the master of speeches but you haven’t had any place to show your skills?
Or do you feel your hands shaking even thinking about public speaking, but deep down you would like to try, even once?
This is your shot!
During this weekend we will give an opprtunity of a lifetime to test you speaking skills in public speaking through private judging session.
All you have to do, is to read the instruction below and sign up 🙂
The sign up for private judging session is open until Friday 16th of April 20:00 (UTC +3:00)
The judges will choose maximum of 5 contestants during Friday evening and send a Teams- invitation to Speaking Competion.
All the judging sessions will be held on Saturday between 12:00 and 13:00.
Every judging session is only 10 minutes, so remember to be on time, if you have been chosen 🙂 All the contestants will have 3-5 minutes time for their speech and all the speeches will be recorded.
The subject of the speech: “Creating a Castle”
After you speech the judges will give you really short feedback.
All the speeches will be presented to audience with  brief comments from your judges on Sunday 18th of April at 10:00 and the official winner of unofficial Speaking competion will be published.
Sign up for Speaking Competition: HERE