Welcome to Creating Success – JCI Finland’s national conference! The conference will be held virtually 16.-18.4.2021.

Creating Success – JCI Finland’s annual national conference in April 16.-18 2021 will be held virtually. This decision has been made together with JCI Finland, JCI Hämeenlinna and the conference organizing team after long negotiations and analysis on the existing situation.

For the first time we will offer a truly interactive and virtual conference. From Friday to Sunday there will be an exiting
combination of program elements we all are familiar with, such as keynotes, trainings, and the awards ceremony. In
addition to these we’ll have a strong focus on interaction, networking and versatile program. This conference is not going to be just a live streaming event, but a complete experience with entertaining content extending the three conference
days, where you can meet your old friends, expand your networks and gather to enjoy the content on the online platform no matter where you are located!

The conference organizing team is working with full speed on the content of the online event, including plenty of
elements that have never been seen in the JCI conferences! Our partners and business sector are also strongly
present in the online platform. If your company is interested to be in the spotlight of the unique online event and showcasing your products or services, feel free to contact our COC director Antti. We will create a tailormade package for your company!

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